Would I Lie To You?

Mouse: “Look, I guarantee you, all that’s happening here is that the dogs are somehow finding old shredded stuffie parts in the yard and are bringing them inside.”
Charlee: “But Lulu said she and Bean didn’t do it.”
Mouse: “Are you sure she isn’t fibbing?”
Chaplin: “Why would Lulu fib to us?”
Mouse: “Possibly because you annoyed her in some fashion?”

Charlee: “Hmm, no, I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.”
Chaplin: “There’s nothing annoying about us. We aren’t dogs you know.”
Mouse: “See, maybe you said something like that to her.”
Chaplin: “Something like what?”

13 thoughts on “Would I Lie To You?

  1. BOL! How did you get such a smart mouse living with you? We all agree that the mouse is right. (Lucy won’t let me say that we voted anymore.) (But we did…at least me and Chia did.) XOX Xena and Chia


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