Playing Possum

Mouse: “You cats are just being silly. You’ve watched too many Halloween movies. Take these scraps back to the dogs or throw them in the trash while I go get some supplies to clean up all this grime you brought in.”

Vermin: “HISSS! I thought he’d never leave! You cats are going about this all wrong, trying to science your way out of trouble. You need my help, not his.”
Charlee: “How can you help us?”
Vermin: “I’m an expert in these matters! Just watch!”

Suddenly …

Charlee: “Vermin? Hey, Vermin, are you all right?”

Mouse: “Now what have you two done?”
Charlee: “Nothing, I swear!”

14 thoughts on “Playing Possum

  1. Those KHATS might want to ask ZoeyLiberty – the furry nice Pyr from MasterChewSits for some pointers – she tried to bring one in the house the other week!



  2. We had a real live – truly dead possum in our yard a few nights ago…B & D are mum about why, though…BOL! At least they left it outside.
    Then we had a real live – alive one that they were trying to murder, but petcretary busted them…and Mr or Mrs Possum escaped to parts unknown. He/she was not trying to play dead-possum!

    Sheesh, we are being invaded by possums around here. They are foraging under the bird feeders. And our whole acre is totally fenced in.

    Actually possums are good to have around, they gobble up nasty ticks, do not carry rabies and are quite docile. They even like to cuddle, believe it or not!

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