Sunday Awards and Meme Show: Cats Rule!

Charlee: “Hello, faithful staff!”
Chaplin: “Servants.”
Charlee: “We recently won a Halloween prize drawing held by our friends over at 15 And Meowing, so we wanted to show it to everyone.”
Chaplin: “Mainly because we won the prize and the dogs didn’t. It’s about time we cats got to host a Sunday Awards and Meme Show.”

Charlee: “Now, the first thing one must do when one gets a prize is inspect it carefully.”
Chaplin: “I will demonstrate.”

Charlee: “Hmm, it looksl ike you were trying to open it there at the end. I thought we agreed to open it together.”
Chaplin: “Sorry, I was in the zone.”
Charlee: “Uh-huh. Well I think more inspection is needed. This time I’ll do it.”

Charlee: “Why did you crash my package inspection?”
Chaplin: “You weren’t pushing it onto the floor fast enough. Come on, let’s show them what was inside!”

It’s a catnip mat! And a pumpkin toy! And an eyeball we can bat around!

Charlee: “We will of course be playing with the toys, and the mat will be put in the cat room in honor of Halloween!”

Chaplin: “We would have a video of us playing with the toys and the mat right after the package was opened, if only Dada hadn’t messed up with the phone so he only took a picture, followed by a minutes-long video of the inside of his pockets.
Gollum: “What has he got in his pocketses?! We wants to see!”

Charlee: “Thank you to our friends at 15 and Meowing for these wonderful prizes!”
Java Bean: “¡Hola! ¡Mi nombre es Mad-Eye Moody!”
Chaplin: “Bean! Put that down! It’s a cat toy, not a Halloween costume for dogs!”

17 thoughts on “Sunday Awards and Meme Show: Cats Rule!

  1. Chia: Beanie’s hilarious. Looks like he may have stolen the awards show.
    Riley: Uh, do you know that Golum appeared in your living room?
    Lucy: Maybe cats and dogs could rule together. *wags*


  2. OMG! Curiosity killed the cat… Charlee and Chaplin, be careful… I like what did you get.
    Java Bean what a big eye! You looks so cute any way!
    Happy Halloween my lovely kids! Be goog with your Mom and Dad!


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