J’Accuse Part Deux

Spicoli: “Come on, little dudes, do you really think I would steal food out of the mouths of kitties?”
Charlee: “Well I mean you do seem to have the munchies all the time.”

Spicoli: “Munchies. M-U-N-C-H-I-E-S. That means crunchy salty goodness. Chips and pretzels and stuff. Are your bowls full of Doritos?”
Chaplin: “No, but now we kind of wish they were.”

Spicoli: “See? Not me. You little Hipster dudes need to think a little harder. Who’s the most ruthless food-stealer in the house?”
Charlee: “I am.”
Chaplin: “It’s true, she is.”
Spicoli: “Okay, then, who’s the most ruthless food-stealer in the house who isn’t one of you two?”

Soon …

Blue: “Can it wait? The kids up the street are getting their bikes out and I’m hoping to catch a little snack.”

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