… And Statistics

Charlee: “If you haven’t been stealing our food, how would you know we were going ot ask you about stealing our food?”
Mr. Nibbles: “Friend Spicoli told us you were trying to figure out why you don’t have as much food as you expect.”
Chaplin: “You talk to Spicoli?”
Mouse: “Sure. What, did you think we only exist when we’re in a panel with one of you guys?”

Charlee: “Well, somebody must be stealing our food.”
Mouse: “Nobody is stealing your food.”
Chaplin: “Then where is it going?”
Mouse: “Your food isn’t going anywhere. You know that thing with the blanket that your Dada puts you on once a week?”
Chaplin: “The big square bed? What about it?”
Mouse: “It’s not a bed. It’s a scale. And it told your Dada that you both need to lose a little weight, so you are on a diet.”

Mouse: “See, this is a case where your eyes are not, in fact, bigger than your stomach.”

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