Please Ma’am May I Have Some More?

Chaplin: “This diet business shall not stand!”
Mr. Nibbles: “I’m not sure there’s much you can do about it, friend Hipsters.”
Charlee: “We’ll just see about that.”

Soon …

Charlee: “Lulu, we need to borrow some of your food.”
Lulu: “Borrow? As in, you’ll give it back to me later?”
Chaplin: “Sure. It may not be in its original form though. And it may have litter all over it.”
Java Bean: “I’ll still eat it!”

Lulu: “Bean, now, you know the rule about eating cat box crunchies.”
Java Bean: “¡Sí!”
Lulu: “And what is the rule?”
Java Bean: “Only do it when Mama and Dada aren’t watching.”
Chaplin: “Less talking about stupid rules, more giving us your extra kibble.”

Lulu: “I would love to help you kitties out, but I’m on a diet, so I haven’t really got any extra kibbles to give you.”
Chaplin: “What?! We’re all on diets?!”
Charlee: “We’re going to waste away to nothing!”
Java Bean: “I’m not on a diet.”

Charlee: “Oh thank goodness! We’re saved! Bean, you’ll give us some of your kibble, won’t you?”
Java Bean: “No.”

13 thoughts on “Please Ma’am May I Have Some More?

  1. If y’all could just figure out how to open the cupboards and fridge, you wouldn’t have to worry about how much kibble you got. (If you do, let us know!) XOX Xena, Lucy Chia and Riley


  2. That’s SO furry TWISTed Oliver 🙂

    PeeEssWoo: Hope ALL of woo got to do something exciting today – with AND without Mama&Dada!
    I enjoyed my ‘venture to Friendly’s!


  3. Well, the Thanksgiving holiday IS known for food, so it only makes sense it would be a subject for discussion amongst family members. We all overeat a bit over the holiday, so maybe the dieting can start on Monday? Or not…


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