Weighing In

Charlee: “All right, I guess it’s time for our weekly weigh-in. I bet for sure we lost weight.”
Chaplin: “There’s no doubt that we did!”

Chaplin: “Well, go ahead, get on the scale.”
Charlee: “I’m trying to.”

Charlee: “It must be broken, it’s not showing anything.”
Mouse: “Maybe the problem is all the balloons you’ve got attached to you.”
Chaplin: “Balloons? What balloons?”

14 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. Why, this will work for me at the Vet. No more “looks” when I am on the scale! Mom could use that too at her Dr.

    Katie Isabella @ blogspot (mom has to use an old WP addy to comment on any WP blpggies.)


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