The Weighting is the Hardest Part

Mouse: “So you’ve given up on your balloon scam?”
Charlee: “If by ‘given up’ you mean ‘Bean popped all my balloons’, then yes, yes I have.”
Chaplin: “I’m waiting for him to go to sleep and then I’ll do my weigh-in. At least one of us should get more food after all this effort.”

But then …

Lulu: “Hey, good news, Charlee! I heard Dada tell Mama you were back at your target weight, so you will be getting more food now!”
Charlee: “Oh, great! What about Chaplin?”
Lulu: “He still needs to lose some weight I guess. Sorry Chaplin.”
Chaplin: “But … But … I have balloons!”
Mouse: “You do? I thought you just floated naturally due to weight loss.”

Suddenly …


Lulu: “Hey Bean! Save a few balloons for me to pop!”
Charlee: “Well, I guess Chaplin will be done with his balloon scam soon too.”
Sky Turtle: “Floating around on balloons isn’t a scam. It’s a way of life.”

11 thoughts on “The Weighting is the Hardest Part

  1. POP The balloon and watch the cat fall like a rock – OR should that be like a phig NEWTON!

    PeeEssWoo: The GKP checks start in The Corporate Mecca of Keene NH/Brattleboro VT so we guess Cortland NY in on the way –


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