Rigging Up The Lights?

Lulu: “What are you hanging around out here for, Bean?”
Java Bean: “I’m waiting for the Christmas decorations to appear.”

Lulu: “Christmas decorations don’t just appear. Somebody has to put them up.”
Java Bean: “Oh. Who does that? Is it Santa?”
Lulu: “Umm, I don’t actually know. All I know is, it’s not Dada.”
Java Bean: “Why not Dada?”
Lulu: “Something about being accident-prone and falling off ladders and getting electrocuted, I guess.”

Lulu: “Maybe it is Santa. That might explain why we never have decorations here.”
Java Bean: “How so?”
Lulu: “Well it was before my time but I hear Dennis and Santa had a few run-ins back in the day.”
Java Bean: “So you think Santa never comes to decorate the house because of that?”
Lulu: “Well Santa does keep a naughty list. So we know he holds grudges.”

Lulu: “Can we go inside now?”
Java Bean: “No. It’s my first Christmas not being a street dog and I want decorations.”
Mysterious Stranger: “Decorations? I can help you with that.”

17 thoughts on “Rigging Up The Lights?

  1. You two sure have a lot of adventures, and we can smell another one on its way! Remember, watch out for elves, but we don’t that that’s an elf, but we aren’t sure, but if it isn’t maybe he’s ok. XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


  2. Aww! Dear Java Bean your firts Chritmas at home with your lovely family… I am so happy for you! Tour Mama and Dada did a great work, they are special.
    Lulu can we prepare a surprise for Java Bean? Let´’s prepare ginger bread to do some ginger houses and share with all? Thank’s sweetie!


  3. Yay to Christmas Decorations. Here’s hoping this new adventure goes well. Can’t wait to see the pretties! and
    Lulu, I do hope all the confusion gets sorted. and
    Welcome Bean to your new normal… Isn’t it great?


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