But Is It Art?

Java Bean: “Who are you?”
Art Deco: “I’m a gnome. My name is Art Deco.”
Lulu: “And you sell Christmas decorations?”
Art Deco: “I just make them appear. Like magic. In the spirit of Christmas.”

Java Bean: “The Spirit of Christmas! That sounds good to me!”
Art Deco: “I thought it might! I just need to know what kind of decorations you would like.”
Java Bean: “Well I was thinking blinky lights and candy canes and a light up Santa train and—”
Art Deco: “Sure sure. What would be most helpful though is if you could describe decorations that are similar to ones your neighbors have already.”

Lulu: “Why do they have to be similar to what the neighbors already have?”
Art Deco: “Well there’s the spirit of Christmas and then there’s HOA regulations.”
Java Bean: “But I want giant candy canes! They’d be perfect to pee on!”

17 thoughts on “But Is It Art?

  1. If you need those giant candy canes, why don’t you and your friends get some red and white paper or tape or the like and wrap the tree trunks around your property?? Problem solved! Add a few light strings above the pee-pee level…so you don’t get electrocuted, BOL!


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