All Aboard The Santa Train

Art Deco: “So do you have an idea what kind of decorations you want?”
Java Bean: “Well the Santa train they have up the street is pretty cute. Can you make something like that appear?”

Art Deco: “The one parked in the driveway?”
Java Bean: “Uh-huh!”
Art Deco: “I certainly can make one like that appear. Just watch the magic happen!”

After the magic happens …

Art Deco: “Tada! It’s Christmas magic!”
Java Bean: “All you did was drag the Santa train from their driveway over to ours.”
Art Deco: “No I didn’t.”
Java Bean: “Yes you did. We both saw you.”
Lulu: “Yeah, that wasn’t magic, that was stealing.”
Art Deco: “Oh, do you dogs have a problem with stealing?”
Lulu: “I didn’t say that.”

14 thoughts on “All Aboard The Santa Train

  1. We knew it, we knew it! 87 years ago when Mom bought her first house and got her doggie Sammy, but before she had the big fence put up, Sammy used to go to the graveyard behind the house and bring home pretty flowers for Mom. He liked giving her gifts!

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  2. Good and plenty
    Good and plenty
    Get on board fur the

    Next stop DaNorthPole!

    PeeEssWoo: Lulu – you MUST ask Santa for carrots – I mean if you like lettuce, carrots are the next step!


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