That’s Quite A Rash You’ve Got There

Ron Burgundy: “… And in local news, officials have been investigating a rash of disappearing Christmas ornaments.”
Chaplin: “Ooh, a rash. Sounds itchy.”

Ron Burgundy: “An … Anec …”
Veronica Corningstone: “Anectdotal.”
Ron Burgundy: “Anectdotal reports suggest that Christmas magic may be behind the disappearances.”
Charlee: “Christmas magic? What are we watching, the Hallmark Channel?”
Chaplin: “No, I think it’s KVWN.”

Ron Burgundy: “So far, the primary targets of the thefts appear to be inflatable lawn ornaments.”
Chaplin: “Ugh, it looks like Mama and Dada got another new dog.”

Blue: “Hey, what’s the big idea of hiring another dinosaur? Am I getting fired? It’s Christmas!”
Ron Burgundy: “Police have released this artist’s rendering of a suspicious character seen in the vicinity of many of the disappearances.”
Art Deco: “Could you cats move? I’ve got a snowman who needs to go where you’re sitting.”

13 thoughts on “That’s Quite A Rash You’ve Got There

  1. YIKESS!!! Charlee an Chaplin you otts send Art Deco on his way!! Hee’ss gonna get youss’ busted an inn THE “Slammur” fore Catmass!!!
    PawPaw Jamess an Miss KJ will NOT BEEE happy if THAT happenss!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum


  2. Chia: Rashes? I’ve heard those are itchy.
    Riley: Did someone get measles? They should have gotten their vaccinations.
    Xena: I heard about the time Mom got a rash from shingles after the first her and…
    Lucy: Xena, shut up! You don’t have to repeat everything you hear. We hope none of you gets rashes!


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