A Visit From Officer Nick

Chaplin: “I have to say, we’re pretty disappointed in the Christmas decorations you dogs picked out.”
Charlee: “Yeah, these are just a bunch of scary inflatable freaks. Where are the dangly ornaments we can bat around?”
Art Deco: “Dangly ornaments tend to be up high. That makes them difficult to, uh, acquire when you’re short.”
Java Bean: “Doesn’t Christmas magic help with that?”
Lulu: “There wasn’t any Christmas magic, remember? There was only dragging stuff around from other yards.”
Java Bean: “Oh, right.”

Just then …


Lulu: “Is it my imagination or does the doorbell sound more festive than usual?”
Art Deco: “If that’s a jolly fat guy dressed in red looking for me, I’m not here.”
Charlee: “Why such a specific description of who might be looking for you?”
Art Deco: “No reason.”

Lulu: “Can we help you?”
Officer Nick: “Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! I have a warrant to search your house for stolen inflatable yard decorations. Ho ho ho!”
Art Deco: “That sounds like a jolly fat guy! Don’t let him in!”
Java Bean: “Well it is a jolly fat guy, but he’s not wearing red …”

Soon …

Officer Nick: “Hello again, Arthur.”
Art Deco: “You dogs have a lot to learn about being criminals.”

14 thoughts on “A Visit From Officer Nick

  1. Short people problems, eh. I feel you, Art Deco. Maybe a warrant officer could be bought with the promise of a giant blow-up snowman for his front garden… What’s Christmas without a little bribery 😉


  2. Wee hope Offysir Nick letss youss’ off with a warnin butt runss Art Deco rite innto a nice cozy CELL fore sum thinkin time!
    Maybee wee shuud send you dangley ornymentss next yeer? Waht do youss’ theink Charlee an Chaplin???
    Lulu an Java Bean if it iss TWO GUUD to bee true…then it iss 😉
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum


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