The Polar Express

Officer Nick: “Come along, now, Arthur. Let’s get these lawn ornaments back where they belong, then we’ll go have a word with Santa.”
Java Bean: “Wait, aren’t you Santa?”
Officer Nick: “Now, do I look like Santa? Do I talk like Santa? Ho ho ho!”
Lulu: “Yes, yes you do. And you just said ‘Ho ho ho’ for like the fifth time.”

Officer Nick: “Well, now! Aren’t you observant! But if I were Santa, wouldn’t I be able to wrinkle my nose and send you and Arthur and all these decorations to the North Pole?”
Lulu: “That sounds more like something Samantha from ‘Bewitched’ would do. Especially the part about the nose.”
Art Deco: “Well, I guess we’re all going to the North Pole now.”

And then …

Charlee: “At last! Peace and quiet!”
Spicoli: “Dudes! What have you been doing in here? It smells like someone was vaping gingerbread.”

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