The Santopticon

Art Deco: “You dogs are taking this whole imprisonment thing pretty calmly.”
Lulu: “Well we’ve been in dungeons before. Most of them don’t have fleecy blankets like this one does.”

Art Deco: “This isn’t just a dungeon. This is Santa’s Panopticon. ‘He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake’, etc. …”
Lulu: “That’s not a lot different from Mama and Dada with their pet-cams.”

Lulu: “Besides, I’m sure the cats and the mouse and maybe Spicoli if he’s around are already coming up with a plan to rescue us.”
Art Deco: “You think so?”

Meanwhile …

Spicoli: “Seriously, dudes, you have to come give this a sniff.”
Charlee: “Shouldn’t we try to find out what happened to the dogs?”
Chaplin: “Why would we want to do that? It’s not like either one is Dennis.” (beat) “And I still feel like we’re being watched.”

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