Your Biggest Fan

Mouse: “Why are you all sitting around in stale gingerbread smoke? And who’s your friend?”
Spicoli: “‘Who’s your friend?’ Dude, is that a rhetorical question like ‘Who’s your daddy?'”
Mouse: “No, no it isn’t. Hang on while I get the remote for the ceiling fan, okay?”

Momentarily …

And then …

Charlee: “AAAIIIIEEEE! It’s a foot-collecting serial killer! Or something!”
Chaplin: “I told you we were being watched.”
Spicoli: “Producer Smurf! Dude! How many sugarplums have you eaten?”
Mouse: “This sort of thing would never happen if Trixie were still here.”

Meanwhile, in the Santopticon …

Java Bean: “Dibs on the spiral ham!”
Lulu: “Which one? There are three of them.”
Art Deco: “You dogs don’t really seem to be in any hurry to escape or be rescued.”
Lulu: “Are you kidding? Every meal here at the Santopticon is a Christmas feast. Why would we want to leave?”

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