The Dogshank Redemption

Mouse: “According to these documents on the North Pole computer network, Lulu and Bean and somebody named ‘Art Deco’ are being held in Santa’s high-security prison, the Santopticon.”
Chaplin: “That’s a shame. I guess we won’t be seeing any of them again.”
Charlee: “Mama won’t mind if I store my fish heads in her slippers …”

Mr. Nibbles: “Sure there must be something we can do to help friend Lulu and friend Bean and friend Art Deco.”
Chaplin: “Art Deco isn’t our friend. We don’t even know who or what he is.”
Mouse: “Well, I can probably remotely open the doors so that they can leave, but we would still need a way to get them back here.”
Charlee: “Uh-oh, I feel a hairball coming on, but there’s no carpet nearby and Mama’s slippers are already full …”

Mr. Nibbles: “If you open the doors, won’t that just send them out onto the cold cold Arctic tundra?”
Chaplin: “Yes, Bean is a short-haired dog from Mexico. He won’t like the cold at all.”
Mr. Nibbles: “It’s nice to see you’re concerned about your brother after all, Chaplin.”
Chaplin: “Well he’s not Dennis and he can be obnoxious when he tries to get me to play by booping me with his nose, but still, I wouldn’t wish being cold on anybody.”
Mouse: “Lulu is 50% Malamute and 25% Siberian Husky. She would LOVE to roll around on the tundra. And I’m sure she’ll use her thick furs to keep Bean warm until we can rescue them.”
Charlee (offscreen): “COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH *HACK*”

Mouse: “Okay, the doors of their cell in the Santopticon are open! Now we just need to hurry up there on the Magic Flying Coaster and bring them back.”
Chaplin: “What do you mean ‘we’? When I said I wouldn’t wish being cold on anyone, I was including myself.”
Charlee: “Ahh, I feel much better now.”
Vermin (offscreen): “HISSSSS! Who just coughed up a hairball into my pouch while I was sleeping?!”

Meanwhile, at the Santopticon …

Art Deco: “Look, the doors are open. We can literally just walk out now.”
Lulu: “I’m still working on this morning’s gingerbread man.”
Java Bean: “Can you pipe down? I’m trying to nap.”

17 thoughts on “The Dogshank Redemption

    1. Lulu: “Dada says he was going off memory instead of actually checking the results and he got the percentages a little wrong! I am 50% Alaskan Malamute, 16.9% Siberian Husky, 12.9% German Shepherd Dog, 10.9% Cocker Spaniel, and 9.3% Samoyed.”
      Chaplin: “The Cocker Spaniel part must explain why you’re not gigantic.”
      Lulu: “I’m still bigger than you …”


  1. Looks like maybe the trio in Santopticon aren’t that desperate to escape after all! I wouldn’t leave snacks or naps behind until they’re finished either. But the cold? That would make me run for it – go guys, go!!


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