Chaplin: “I said to have him leave a business card!”
Mr. Nibbles: “I know, but friend Spicoli had already invited him in to perform a demonstration.”
Vacuum Cleaner Salesman: “I’m not normally asked to scatter Doritos around the floor, but as you can see, the vacuum is able to crush them and pick them up.”
Spicoli: “Uh-huh. Uh-huh. And then I could shake the canister out into my mouth afterwards, right, dude?”

Meanwhile, in the far North …

Charlee: “So this is the Santopticon? I was expecting something al ittle more festive.”
Chaplin: “More festive than a fence made of Tinsel?”

15 thoughts on “RRRRR

  1. Charlee an Chaplin where inn THE CAT are youss’? Bee carefull….come home soon OKay?
    Spicoli an THE Gang that iss a waste of Doritoss;…did DaDa buy a Vacuum Cleener inn THE end???
    Mew mew mew mew…….BellaDharma
    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! BellaSita Mum


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