(N)ice Fishing

Charlee: “All right, so you catch more fish in your stockings while the mouse and I go find the dogs. Got it?”
Mouse: “This seems like an awfully inconvenient way to get fish. You know your Dada can just buy it at the grocery store, right?”
Charlee: “Can buy it, yes. Will buy it, no.”

Mouse: “Okay let’s get a move on before Santa’s hackers discover that I disabled their perimeter security and that giant Santa head opens fire with Santa lasers or something.”
Charlee: “Santa hasn’t got lasers. Dennis told us all about it. He has surface-to-air missiles and an air force consisting of elves on flying reindeer and—”
Mouse: “Yes, I know, I read about Dennis’s big run-in with Santa every year too. But he’s upgraded his defenses since then.”

Charlee: “Bye, Bumble! We’ll be back soon!”

Soon …

Java Bean: “Hey Lulu, did you know ice melts if you pee on it?”
Art Deco: “This is literally the most boring prison show ever produced.”
Lulu: “Prison show?”

Just Then …

Art Deco: “Now what are you two smurfing here?”
Charlee: “We’re here to rescue Lulu and … Wait, what did you just say?”

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