That’s A Suspiciously Specific Denial You’ve Got There

Lulu: “So this whole time you’ve just been Producer Smurf in disguise trying to trick us into filming some kind of crime show?”
Java Bean: “You got us arrested by Santa for no good reason! Although I have to say that Santa runs una prisión muy elegante.”
Art Deco: “I can categorically state that I am not Producer Smurf in disguise.”

Momentarily …

Art Deco: “Hey, give me back the top of my head.”
Lulu: “Well, I guess it’s technically true that Art Deco is not Producer Smurf in disguise. He’s a robot.”
Mouse: “All right, looks like we need to go find a smurf with a high-powered remote control transmitter hiding somewhere.”
Charlee: “How would Producer Smurf manage to carry around a transmitter without any of us … Oh wait.”

Meanwhile …

Producer Smurf (inside Bumble balloon): “There’s no smurf hiding nearby with a remote control! If I’m lying, may Santa send a narwhal to jab me with its giant pointy tooth!”

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