There’s No Crunch Like Home

Charlee: “Why were you so surprised to see us at the Santopticon when you came with us on the Magic Flying Coaster?”
Producer Smurf: “I couldn’t really hear or see from in the Bumble. I was watching the feed from my robot and had no idea we had actually smurfed to the North Pole.”
Charlee: “Then how did you manage to catch all those fish that you had inside the Bumble’s stockings, if you couldn’t see?”
Producer Smurf: “Those were already there when I smurfed it open-box from Costco. It’s probably why the original buyer resmurfed it.”

Lulu: “Well next time you want us to be in one of your stupid movies, maybe ask us first.”
Producer Smurf: “But then you wouldn’t smurf natural.”
Java Bean: “Can I pee on him once we land?”
Lulu: “Sure. That’s smurfing natural for a boy dog.”
Producer Smurf: “Ugh, fine, I’ll smurf waivers for you to sign next time.”

Java Bean: “I wonder how Chaplin did watching the house while we were gone.”
Lulu: “Probably not very well.”
Charlee: “I hope he didn’t eat all my bumble fish. They must be nicely marinated in Mama’s slippers by now.”
Mouse: “Do you guys hear crunching from inside the house?”
Producer Smurf: “Yes, now that you smurf it, I do.”
Lulu: “All right, I’m opening the door. Be prepared for anything.”
Java Bean: “I’m prepared!”

Momentarily …

Java Bean: “I wasn’t prepared to be buried in a pile of Doritos.”
Spicoli: “Dudes! You’re back! Did you get my text to pick up guacamole?”

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