This Is An Intervention

Chaplin: “Bean, we need to talk to you about your habit of sleeping on the window sill.”
Java Bean: “What about it? You cats do it all the time.”
Charlee: “Yeah, but we’re cats. We’re supposed to sleep on window sills. Dogs sleep on the sofa.”
Lulu: “Or on the floor!”
Chaplin: “Yes, or on the floor, like the barbarians you are.”

(The Doorbell Rings)
Java Bean: “The doorbell! I’ll get it!”
Chaplin: “Okay, but if it’s the North Pole police again, don’t let them in this time.”
Java Bean: “No North Pole police inthe house! Got it!”

Momentarily …

Java Bean: “You’re not from the North Pole, are you?”
Agent McFold: “No, we’re from the Feline Bureau of Investigation.”
Java Bean: “Great, come on in!”

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