Secret Agent Cats

Chaplin: “What’s going on? Did Mama and Dada adopt more cats without consulting me?”
Java Bean: “No, this is Agent McFold and his sidekick, Agent Inky.”
Agent Inky: “I’m not a sidekick! I’m a trainee!”

Chaplin: “Why did Mama and Dada adopt new cats? Especially ones that don’t match our current color scheme?”
Agent McFold: “We’re not here to live. We’re from the Feline Bureau of Investigation, and we’re here to investigate.”
Charlee: “You look a little young to be a trainee. I think you’re a sidekick.”
Agent Inky: “I am too a trainee! I have a little badge and everything!”

Chaplin: “We can’t accommodate more cats. We only have three litter boxes and two cat trees and one stereo receiver that gets warm on top.”
Lulu: “Not to be rude, Agent McFold, but it looks like you’re mostly here to sit around on your fluffy butt.”
Java Bean: “That actually is a little bit rude.”
Lulu: “I know, that’s why I said ‘not to be’.”
Agent McFold: “That’s what I do. I sits and thinks. Meanwhile, my assistant Agent Inky will gather evidence.”
Agent Inky: “See? I’m an assistant!”
Charlee: “I thought you were a trainee.”
Agent Inky: “I’m an assistant trainee!”
Charlee: “Whatever.” (sotto voce) “Sidekick.”

Chaplin: “Evidence of what?”
Agent McFold: “Evidence that you cats have improperly handled documents.”
Charlee: “But we haven’t got hands.”
Agent McFold: “You know what I mean.”
Agent Inky: “I even graduated to using the big litter pan just last week!”

16 thoughts on “Secret Agent Cats

  1. Well dun Agent Inky!!! Yore gonna ‘go placess’!!
    Agent McFold pleese bee nice to mee frendss Cahrlee an Chaplin; they are GUUD Kitty-peepss!
    Lulu an Java Bean pleese watch over THE Hipsterss OKay??? Thanx!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum


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