Search Pawty

Agent McFold: “All right, Agent Inky, you go search the house for mishandled documents and report back. Meanwhile, somebody fetch me one of those Tiki Cat pouches I’ve been hearing about.”
Agent Inky: “On it, boss!”

Chaplin: “You can’t just come in here and ransack our house and then demand Tiki Cat pouches.”
Agent McFold: “Sure I can. First of all, I’m a cat. Second of all, I’m from the Feline Bureau of Investigation. That means I have two reasons to be able to do whatever I want.”
Lulu: “You’re only here looking into what the cats have been doing, right? We dogs don’t have anything to worry about?”
Agent McFold: “That’s correct. Our purrview is strictly cat-related. Dog malfeasance is handled by a different division.”

Just then …

Agent Frenchie: “I’m Agent Frenchie. We’re from the Canine Intelligence Agency. We heard you might have some documents that aren’t being handled correctly.”
Chaplin: “‘Canine Intelligence’? Isn’t that an oxymoron?”
Agent Frenchie: “Ooh, we’ve got a smart guy here, Agent Blaze.”
Charlee: “Bean, did you forget to close the front door?”
Java Bean: “Soy más de abrir puertas que de cerrarlas.”*

* “I’m more about opening doors than closing them.” (according to Google Translate)

15 thoughts on “Search Pawty

  1. Oh NOSE!! Java bean now all of youss’ are in THE soup so to meow!!!
    Shred yore doccumintss! Qcik! Hurry!
    Wait….do you Poochiess HAVE any doccumintss???

    An Agent McFold has sum Kitty Nerve!!
    If youss’ need a-sye-lum come threw Tellyport tunnel inn our bedroom closet. Wee purrtect youss’ OKay?
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an YIKESS BellaSita Mum


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