The Paper Chase

Agent McFold: “Agent Inky, report.”
Agent Inky: “I searched the whole house, top to bottom. I found papers scattered everywhere on the floor in the office.”
Agent McFold: “Well, that sounds like everything is in good order then.”
Chaplin: “Of course it does. We’re professionals around here.”

Agent Frenchie: “These papers on the floor, are they intact, or have they been properly shredded?”
Agent Inky: “Do I have to answer that, boss?”
Agent McFold: “Nope. The CIA has to do its own investigating.”
Agent Frenchie: “Agent Blaze, go check it out.”

Underdog Stuffie (offscreen): “THERE’S NO NEED TO FEAR! UNDERDOG IS HERE!”
Charlee: “Sounds like Agent Blaze found your Underdog stuffie, Bean.”
Java Bean: “Hey, don’t wear the battery out on that!”
Agent Frenchie: “Oh boy, a stuffie! I have to go see!”
Agent McFold: “You see, Agent Inky? The CIA completely lacks focus.”

Underdog Stuffie (offscreen, repeatedly): “THERE’S NO NEED TO FEAR! UNDERDOG IS HERE!”
Agent McFold: “Ooh, a moth! Get it, Agent Inky! Get it!”

Agent McFold (offscreen): “Grab it, Agent Inky! Grab it!”
Agent Frenchie (offscreen): “That’s it, Agent Blaze! Keep squeezing it!”
Underdog Stuffie (offscreen, repeatedly): “THERE’S NO NEED TO FEAR! UNDERDOG IS HERE!”
Java Bean: “So … Is the investigation over?”
Lulu: “I don’t know but I feel like we need to get into the office and shred things.”

12 thoughts on “The Paper Chase

  1. The khrossing of so many pawsible ideas –
    We’ve seen images of an UNDERDOG balloon for some reason –
    Yet the title of the post made the typists think of a movie from back when she was much younger –

    Willow and The Typist


  2. Xena: BOL! What a 3 ring circus!
    Lucy: But shredding things was Angel Dennis’ job.
    Chia: Is there going to be bears and elephants and a high wire act, Xena?
    Xena: I just mean…uh, sure, Chia, any minute now.


  3. YIKESS!!! What Kay-os at yore crib Charlee an Chaplin an Lulu an Java Bean!!!
    Java you bettur go resckue Underdoggie….CIA are goin mess him up!!!
    FBI were doin so guud 😉 Til Mothie appeered!!!!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ***giggelss*** BellaSita Mum


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