The Great Escape

Java Bean: “Now what are you watching?”
Lulu: “A red panda escaped from its enclosure down at the zoo, but they got it back pretty quickly.”

Charlee: “Hey, those secret agents want to meet with us in the conference room.”
Java Bean: “I thought they got all sidetracked with stuffies and moths and left.”
Charlee: “No, apparently these things can never be concluded without some kind of final report.”
Lulu: “Ugh, fine.”

Java Bean: “I wonder if there’ll be snacks at this meeting.”
Lulu: “Only if we supply them.”

13 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. BOL…Let’s hope the final report doesn’t include a missing red panda! We remember when the red panda in Sequoia Zoo(close to our old house in Eureka) escaped…those little guys love to wander!
    Rosy and Sunny


  2. You guys get audited and they expect YOU to bring the snacks? Argh…well maybe it’ll help speed them along the way. 🤞🏼

    A 2-yr. old red panda escaping? Guess no one watches their toddlers very closely anymore.


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