The Wrap-Up Report

Agent Frenchie: “So here are the papers we found in your Mama’s office. As you can see, they’re not properly chewed to pieces.”
Charlee: “They’re kind of chewed up a little bit though.”
Chaplin: “We cats did that. We get extra points or something, right?”
Agent McFold: “Extra points? Do you think this is Hogwarts? Also, yes, for being cats.”

Lulu: “How are we supposed to shred papers in Mama’s office when there’s a gate on the doorway?”
Agent Frenchie: “Do you really think a gate would have stood in the way of the most legendary paper shredder in CIA history?”

Chaplin: “I knew it was going to be Dennis.”
Lulu: “That’s not paper. That’s pillow fluff.”
Agent Frenchie: “It’s the same concept.”
Java Bean: “Looks like I missed some good times here …”

Charlee: “I’m sure a little Tiki Cat can smooth things over here.”
Agent McFold: “Yes, everything seems to be in order now, wouldn’t you say, Agent Frenchie?”
Agent Frenchie: “Yes, yes I would. Agent Blaze, please inventory the single-serving diplomatic pouches.”
Java Bean: “Just to be clear, we could still go ahead and shred those papers now, right?”

Just then …

Red Panda: “Excuse me, would you happen to have any bamboo?”
Chaplin: “Another new cat?!”
Agent McFold: “Ahhh! A foreign spy!”
Agent Frenchie: “Quick! Secure the Tiki Cat!”

14 thoughts on “The Wrap-Up Report

  1. I am so not a shredder but I applaud the creations by those that do!

    AND we can’t not unsee the egg and asparagus in our weather app – what’s up with that?



  2. We don’t jump our gates…one of them attacked us once…believe it or not!

    (It fell on us according to petcretary)

    But we are expert shredders! We have both tried too shred the kitchen floor, which still bears our scars, and lately Benji has been trying to shred the wallpaper!! Sheesh! Papers?? That is for beginners he woofed! BOL!!

    Hope Red Panda doesn’t try to steal the Tiki Cat…and what about you pups, what is your reward???


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