Bad Tradecraft

Lulu: “I think Mama might have a bamboo plant on the bathroom. Are you a bamboo aficionado?”
Red Panda: “Yes, very much so.”
Agent Frenchie: “That was quick thinking covering up the papers with your own body, Agent Blaze.”
Agent Blaze: “Paint me like one of your French bulldogs, Jack.”
Agent Frenchie: “Stop saying that. It’s disturbing.”
Charlee: “You do realize none of that paperwork is anything secret, right?”
Agent McFold: “What?! You read it?”
Charlee: “No, I just know all the important papers are in the safe in the office.”
Agent McFold: “A safe, you say … ?”

Soon …

Agent McFold: “What’s the combination?”
Charlee: “How should we know? We never open it. We don’t even have fingers for working the keypad.”
Agent McFold: “All right then. Agent Inky, call in the safecracker.”
Agent Inky: “On it, boss!”

Momentarily …

Bob the Pyromaniac Builder: “Cane we destroy it? Yes we can!”
Chaplin: “Nice going, Charlee.”
Charlee: “My bad.”

Meanwhile …

Lulu: “That’s bamboo, right?”
Red Panda: “Yes, it’s perfect!”
Agent Frenchie: “Egad! It’s some kind of dog torture chamber!”
Agent Blaze: “How so?”
Agent Frenchie: “A human could lead an unsuspecting dog right in and then use that handheld shower to give them a bath!”

Red Panda: “Do you have any more bamboo?”
Lulu: “Ummm …”
Agent Frenchie: “Run away, Agent Blaze! Run away!”
Agent Blaze: “But nobody painted me like a French bulldog yet.”
Agent Frenchie: “Stop saying that!”

15 thoughts on “Bad Tradecraft

  1. Umm Charlee an Chaplin Panda’ss eat ALOT of Bamboo!!! You mite need to use Dada’ss Credity Card an order lots more from a Plant place!!!!
    Guud Luck…youss’ are gonna need it!!!!! Mew mew mew…….
    ****nose bopss**** BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum


  2. Didn’t RedPanda want some GreyPOOpon?

    PeeEssWoo: The GKP would cover the usual weekly pay instead of the $55/day for The Jury Duty Gig – and there would have been mileage $ from 17345 to 17101 – for each day –


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