The Shape of Things to Come

Charlee: “This seems a tad excessive.”
Bob the Pyromaniac Builder: “I only use the absolute minimum amount of dynamite required.”
Agent McFold: “Don’t worry. The shaped charges are designed to only open the safe and cause no other damage. Right, Bob?”
Bob the Pyromaniac Builder: “That’s absolutely right!”
Chaplin: “They don’t seem shaped so much as just kind of piled up.”
Bob the Pyromaniac Builder: “‘Just kinda piled up’ is totally a shape!”

Red Panda: (sniffing bamboo plant)
Agent McFold: “Uh-oh! A foreign agent has compromised our operation! Quick, Bob, hide the shaped charges!”

Quick as a flash …

Bob the Pyromaniac Builder: “No explosives here! Just a paisley shirt!”
Red Panda: “Is that fabric made from bamboo?”
Charlee: “Your camouflage might be more effective if it didn’t still have dynamite sticking out of it.”

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