Overheard Around the House

Red Panda: “What’s this? It doesn’t look like bamboo.”
Lulu: “It’s not bamboo. It’s a Christmas cactus.”
Java Bean: (snoring)

Red Panda: “Can I eat it?”
Lulu: “I mean, you can try, it’s not poisonous, but I don’t think you’re going to like it very much.”
Java Bean: (still snoring)
Vermin: “????”

Red Panda: “You’re right, it doesn’t taste like Christmas at all.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Why are you feeding him house plants? If he wants bamboo, take him somewhere where it grows outside!”
Lulu: “Good point, Vermin! There’s a park we go to that has an entire bamboo grove. Do you want to go there?”
Red Panda: “Yes please!”
Java Bean (suddenly wide awake): “Did somebody say we’re going to the park?!”

Shortly thereafter …

Mr. Nibbles: “It was nice of you to make that helpful suggestion, friend Vermin.”
Vermin: “HISSS! I wasn’t being nice! I just don’t want some ginger raccoon hanging around eating my mealworms and climbing on my perches!”

15 thoughts on “Overheard Around the House

  1. Panda: Did someone say you know where there’s delicious bamboo? Can I go with you?
    Foster: Wait, it could be a trick! They could be trying to lure you and the red panda into the San Diego zoo where you’ll be prisoners and then the penguins and I will have to figure out how to rescue you!
    Panda: (Sigh!) There’s always an element of risk!


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