Bam! Boo!

Java Bean: “I think I’ve reached my maximum bandwidth for sending peemail.”
Lulu: “Smells like a squirrel passed by here about a week ago.”

Just then …

Java Bean: “Uh, Lulu, how tall are ninja hedgehogs?”
Lulu: “Not very.”
Java Bean: “Okay. What if they’re wearing high heels?”
Lulu: “Well, then they would be taller, of cour … Wait, what?”

12 thoughts on “Bam! Boo!

  1. Looks like a Ginsu Ninja and I should know, since Mom calls me a Ninja. Best to approach with caution. Norman of course thinks if you wiggle your butt, everything will be just fine. He’s such a moron.
    Your fur-iend,
    Elsa 🐾


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