The Ninja Afterbath

Lulu: “… And then the red panda escaped while the ninja was tossing her cookies!”
Chaplin: “A ninja who tosses cookies? What flavor were they?”
Lulu: “Umm, vomit flavor I guess? I was a little busy rolling around.”

Charlee: “Aren’t you a little worried you might get a bath now?”
Lulu: “No, I’ve got magic furs that never get stinky!”

Just then …

Spicoli: “Hey, dude, you might want to go hide. I heard your mom and dad say they were going to bring you into the bathroom.”
Lulu: “They probably want me in there as an air freshener.”

Soon …

Java Bean: “No fair you get to play in the water and I don’t.”
Lulu: “If you want to switch places, come on in!”

15 thoughts on “The Ninja Afterbath

  1. My Safe Place – that’s where I go when I need some pawsonal time –
    although ours is a tub kind!
    BTW, Mom really enjoys how I manage to bump the bathmat off the sides –



  2. When you’re all clean and fresh as a daisy, then you can go back outside….better yet, ask to go for a walk in the woods, there is sure to be some good scat(s) to try to roll in…just distract the peeps and go for it…that is what MJF used to do, BOL!


  3. Sumhow mee an BellaSita new this wuud end inn a bath!!! Mind you iss a nice shower area an BellaSita wuud LOVE to join you Lulu; stink an all 😉
    Allmost 10 dayss without *hot* water……an Dada thinkss you stink?!?!
    Mew mew mew BellaDharma an *stink eye* BellaSita Mum


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