Wordless Wednesday: That Cone-Hither Look

Dada’s Note: This is from several months ago, after Bean’s dangling rear dewclaws were removed surgically when one of them became inflamed and before they had the opportunity to be removed traumatically. Being a spry young thing, he healed up quickly and was not in the cone for very long. His ability to shred paper and cardboard was not affected at all during the recovery period.

17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: That Cone-Hither Look

  1. Chia: I see you were convicted in the Case of the Dangling Dewclaw and sentenced to cone time, Bean. That’s tough. I usually have to serve out my sentences in my kennel, sometimes being released early for good behavior.


  2. We’re glad to hear you didn’t have to wear the dreaded cone for long, Java Bean. One of those things has been hanging around our house lately and our parents keep playing a game with Walter and putting it on him while they feed him treats. What could that be about?


  3. Aww Bean. Thank goodness your shredding skills weren’t out of action during this time. That’s a nice-looking cone too, they seem a lot more comfortable when soft rather than rigid plastic. xx


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