A Mountain Retreat

Lulu: “Well there’s definitely plenty of snow! I don’t see much death though.”
Blue: “Maybe whoever lives over there can give us directions.”
Aragorn: “That resort wasn’t here last time …”

Soon …

Aragorn: “Gimli, old friend! You cut your hair and shaved your beard!”
Jack Torrance: “Welcome to the Overlooked Hotel. You have to pay extra for your dogs, but since you brought a turkey for dinner we’ll call it a wash.”
Blue: “A turkey? Where?!”
Lulu: “‘Overlooked’ Hotel?”

12 thoughts on “A Mountain Retreat

  1. Oh poor Blue…. Just for the record, I don’t see you as a turkey and neither should anyone else if they want to keep all their fingers and toes…. If you know what I mean?!


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