Yo, Vacancy

Aragorn: “Your new palace is very nice, Gimli. Perhaps not quite so spacious as Ered Luin or Kazad-dûm, but fewer balrogs, so there’s that.”
Jack Torrance: “Uh-huh. It’s got a nice ballroom, too.”

Jack Torrance: “You and your dogs can stay in any of these rooms.”
Aragorn: “But what of your other guests, friend Gimli? We could not ask any of them to move.”
Jack Torrance: “Oh I haven’t got any other guests right now. IT’S JUST YOU.”

Just then …

Creepy Twin: “Come play with us, Lulu and Bean! Come play with us forever!”

Lulu: “If you don’t have any guess, who was that?!”
Jack Torrance: “Just a couple of neighborhood kids. You know how it is.”
Blue: “You should go make friends with them, Lulu. You like to play.”

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