The Hotel Room of Horror

Lulu: “I’m not sure what’s most horrifying here, the carpet, the bedspread, or the upholstery.”
Blue: “Don’t forget the wallpaper.”
Java Bean: “I think it’s the ‘No Dogs On Furniture’ sign.”

Java Bean: “By the way, Lulu, I think that Gimli guy might be an ax murderer.”
Lulu: “You think everyone might be an axe murderer. But in this case … Aragorn, how well do you know this Gimli person?”
Aragorn: “Oh, very well! We fought the hordes of Mordor together. And aye, he is deadly with an axe, but I never knew him to swing it but in the cause of justice.”

Lulu: “Well, okay, if you … Say, does anyone else feel like we’re being watched?”
Java Bean: “I always feel like I’m being watched.”
Blue: “Those cats sure are missing out on a lot of excitement by staying home, I tell you what!”

Meanwhile, at home …

Oona: “Hi there! My name is Oona and I am smol.”
Charlee: “CHAPLIN!!! There’s a foreign object in the water bowl!!!”

Meet Oona!

Oy, dat face …

Oona (hat tip to Dada’s parents for suggesting the name as a Charlie Chaplin tie-in; her original name was Mulan) is a black tabby kitten that one of Dada’s cousins, who is involved in cat rescue, brought to a family brunch a few weeks ago, along with her brother (and likely littermate), an orange kitten. Orange and black, was kind of a Halloween theme I guess … Anyway, Oona spent much of the brunch snoozing on Mama’s lap and, well, one thing led to another, and she ended up coming home with us. (The kitten, not Mama. I mean, of course, Mama came home with us too. Oh never mind.) The orange kitten ended up going home with another of my cousins*, so my cat rescuing cousin arrived with two kittens and left with none. Well played, cuz**.

Car rides are exhausting.

Although officially we are fostering Oona, nobody expects her to get returned, least of all us, assuming of course that all the other pets acclimate to her well.

Oh yeah that’s the stuff.

Oona spent most of her first week here snoozing, but has recently started displaying a lot more energy, running around the rooms where she has been set loose. She has only been allowed limited interaction with the other animals at this point. So far, Lulu thinks Oona is one of her babies, Chaplin has played with her a little bit, Java Bean would like to play with her a little bit too much (which Lulu has prevented him from doing on multiple occasions), and Charlee … Well, let’s just say I was expecting Chaplin to be the one to give a kitten attitude, but apparently I was wrong.

Thank you for bringing me a baby to take care of!

At this point we are pretty sure that, even though Charlee is still giving Oona some attitude, she is going to be able to integrate into the group. So in other words, be prepared for Caturday Matinee to be full of kitten videos for a while. (You know that’s what you come to Caturday Matinees for anyway.)

* In case you were wondering, these are Cousin #1 and Cousin #2, who featured prominently in The Event.
** Which is not to say she hasn’t got a bunch more rescue kittens still in her care at home. Anyone in Southern California looking for a new cat … ?

18 thoughts on “The Hotel Room of Horror

  1. Chia: OMD! Or should I woof OMC! No, it’s OYK!! What fun everyone’s going to have.
    Xena: That’s Oompa, like at Octoberfest.
    Riley: Nah, her name is Oola, Oo la la! Beanie, you behave yourself. Oolong isn’t a toy.
    Lucy: Welcome to your new home, Oona, and welcome to Blogville! We’ll have lots of adventures.


  2. Mee-yow Java an Blue an Lulu that carpet iss pee-u-key!!!
    Wee still think you shuud go home ASAP!
    An while youss’ were away it lookss like a new kitt showed up….see what happenss when youss’ leeve Hu’manss alone to their own deevicess??!?!?!
    Wellcome wee Oona….yore such an “Itty Bitty”……BellaSita Mum iss “ohinn an ahinn” ALOT!!!!
    You are so ADOORBSS ❤ ❤ Wee love you all reddy!
    ***nose kissess*** BellaDharma an {{{{hugss}}}} BellaSita Mum


  3. Oh Oona, you totally lucked out ad have found the pawfect furrever home! We can’t wait to watch the troub…we mean the adventures you have with the rest of your pack!
    Sunny & Rosy


  4. OMG! Sweet Lulu and Java Bean please go home! I’m worry about you.
    Dear Lulu is so happy with Oona is bieautiful and cute! I think Java Bean is going to care too.
    Charllee and Chaplin are you ok? Be good with little Oona.


  5. Foster: Yay Oona! Don’t worry, if your humans are anything like ours, you can consider yourself at your fur-ever home! Our mom thinks you’re adorable and she likes your name too! She says it’s often used in the New York Times crossword puzzles, so she gets the connection.


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