What Could It Be?

Charlee: “Did you see that?”
Chaplin: “I did see it.”
Charlee: “It climbed right up the side of the hamper like some sort of alien creature.”
Chaplin: “I know. I told you, I saw it.”

Charlee: “What do you think it could be?”
Chaplin: “No idea. Nothing I’ve ever seen before.”
Mouse: “What are you two talking about? She’s a cat.”
Charlee: “That’s no cat. Chaplin and I are cats. That thing looks nothing like us.”
Mouse: “She looks exactly like you. She’s just small.”

Oona: “Point of correction. I’m not small. I’m smol.”
Mouse: “That’s what I said. You’re small.”
Oona: “Not small with an ‘a’ and two ‘l’s, smol with an ‘o’ and one ‘l’.”
Mouse: “Okay, but that’s not a word, though.”
Charlee: “That’s no cat. A cat would never spell ‘small’ that way.”
Chaplin: “Yes, what does that even mean?”
Mouse: “It doesn’t mean anything because it’s not a word.”

Oona: “It means the same thing as ‘small’, only also cute.”
Mouse: “Why not just say ‘small and cute’ then?”
Oona: “Why use two words when one would do?”
Charlee: “Okay, that’s a cat.”
Chaplin: “Yes, a cat would definitely be too lazy to use two syllables in this scenario.”
Mouse: “Lulu and Bean sure are lucky they aren’t here for this adventure in stupid linguistics.”

Meanwhile …

Aragorn: “Gimli! Have you gone mad?!”
Jack Torrance: “Just send out the turkey so I can roast it!”
Lulu: “Aragorn, I question your taste in friends.”
Java Bean: “I told you he was an axe murderer!”
Blue: “I say we give him the turkey if we can find it. I could go for a nice turkey dinner.”

16 thoughts on “What Could It Be?

  1. OH EM COD! oona…iz ewe a new memburr oh de C & C houz hold! total lee awesum ‼️‼️and just for de wreck cord …mouz, we new strait off what oona meened bye smol….ya canna live in trout towne and knot noe smol. ewe bee a gorgeouz houz panther oona….well come two de land oh blog, ore in thiz caze….werd ❤️❤️


  2. Riley: Small, smol, potayto, potawto. It sounds like Oolong, er Oona, has a Jersey accent.
    Xena: Who does that creepy guy think is a turkey? I’m thinking it’s Blue. But Blue’s either a reptile or a mammal, I hear the verdict is out on that one. Either way, he’s not a bird. Or IS he?


  3. Mew mew mew Oona yore toetally SMOL!!!
    An wee so happy you are joinin Charlee an Chaplin an Mouse……
    An wait til you meet Lulu an Java Bean Poochiess!

    Ummmmm meowin bout THE Poochiess…..wee REELLY think youss’ shuud grab Blue an boogie on home!
    That Jack dude wantss to eat you Blue….how hee can think you are a Turkey iss beeyond us……maybee you cuud eat him???? HHHMMM…
    No maybee don’t due that….
    Just come home!!!!!!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an **giggellss nervuslee** BellaSita Mum


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