In The Icebox

Jack Torrance: “No fair going behind a metal door!”
Aragorn: “Gimli certainly keeps his larder well-stocked. If I did not know better I would think we were at Frodo’s house.”
Java Bean: “I’m not sure why that guy wants a turkey so badly when he has all this canned food. Canned food is the best!”
Lulu: “Maybe he hasn’t got thumbs. Hey Aragorn, can you open this canned ham with that sword of yours?”
Blue: “Here turkey turkey turkey!”

Jack Torrance: “Now look what you did! You made me break my axe handle!”
Aragorn: “This is an odd selection of items. ‘Sweet Gherkins’. What is a gherkin? Is it like a jerkin?”
Java Bean: “No sé lo que es un ‘jerkin’.”
Lulu: “Do they not have canned food where you’re from?”
Aragorn: “No, we have nothing such as this in Middle-Earth.”
Blue: “Here turkey turkey turkey!”

Jack Torrance: “You all just stay in there, okay? I’m going to go get the axe with the metal handle!”
Java Bean: “If you don’t have canned food, what do your dogs eat?”
Lulu: “Yeah, is it just kibble all the time?”
Aragorn: “I know not what is this ‘kibble’, but we toss our dogs food from our feast tables. Lamb, chicken, beef …”
Blue: “Here turkey turkey turkey!”

Aragorn: “My friends, why have you fallen silent?”
Lulu: “Can we go home with you?”
Aragorn: “Sorry, Arwen made me promise, no more pets.”
Jack Torrance: “I can’t find the axe with the metal handle! Did you guys steal it?”
Blue: “I feel like we’re being watched again.”

13 thoughts on “In The Icebox

  1. OMC those twins are creepy, they may have the axe in their hand…🙀just a feeling…better go before you’re going to get canned….Help! Safe Double Pawkisses for all of you…except of the double of course🐾😽💞


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