Axe And Ye Shall Receive

Aragorn: “Gimli! I found your axe! Those neighborhood children have it!”
Jack Torrance: “Oh that’s right, I loaned it to their dad the other day.”
Blue: “Maybe they’ll give you a belly rub if you ask them nicely.”
Lulu: “Belly rubs and axes don’t mix.”

Java Bean (whispering): “How are we going to get out of this one? We have to go past them to get to the side exit.”
Aragorn (whispering): “Fear not my hobbit friend, for I have a plan.” (normal voice) “Tell me, children, and this is important … what is a ‘gherkin’?”
Creepy Twin #2: “A gherkin is a small pickle.”
Creepy Twin #1: “I thought a cornichon was a small pickle.”

Creepy Twin #2: “They’re both small pickles.”
Creepy Twin #1: “Then why do they have different names?”

Soon …

Creepy Twin #1: “This says they’re basically the same thing.”
Creepy Twin #2: “No it doesn’t. It says cornichons are smaller and tarter. Learn how to read, why don’t you?”
Java Bean: “I had no idea you could get an entire book about tiny pickles.”
Aragorn: “Aye, ’tis a book of mysterious magic indeed.”
Lulu: “Speaking of booking …”

Some time later …

Creepy Twin #1: “Now look. Our playmates escaped.”
Creepy Twin #2: “More gherkins for us!”
Jack Torrance: “What’s going on in there? Did you catch the turkey or what?”

18 thoughts on “Axe And Ye Shall Receive

  1. COMPANY!!! Are pickles company? I hope you have fun with your pickles! Me I try to hide but mom won’t let me. I’m trying to learn to like company. Boo Berry


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