Casting Decisions

Producer Smurf: “What’s this I’ve been smurfing about a new addition to the cast?”
Lulu: “Cast? What are you talking about?”

Producer Smurf: “The cast. The animals who live here. I heard there’s a new one.”
Chaplin: “You must mean Oona. She’s a new kitten.”

Producer Smurf: “I don’t smurf about any of that stuff. What I smurf about is that I didn’t smurf hiring her.”
Java Bean: “Are you in charge of who lives here?”
Producer Smurf: “Hello! I’m Producer Smurf! I smurf a hat and shades and a megaphone and a clipboard! Of course I’m in charge!”

Java Bean: “I don’t remember getting interviewed or hired by you.”
Producer Smurf: “I know, and that was bad enough! Apparently somebody thinks it smurfed a precedent!”
Charlee: “Look I’m not thrilled about the little cat either but she’s here already. It’s not like you can do anything about it.”
Producer Smurf: “Oh I can smurf something about it. I’m going to smurf medieval on somebody’s tail.”
Lulu: “I don’t even know what that means.”
Producer Smurf: “Just you wait and smurf, Lulu. Just you smurf and see.”
Lulu: “What?”

Soon …

Producer Smurf: “I suppose you’re all wondering why I smurfed this meeting—”

13 thoughts on “Casting Decisions

  1. Chia: Don’t let that Smurf person scare you, Oolong, you could use him for a toy.
    Xena: It’s Oona, not Oolong. Oolong’s a tea, Chia.
    Lucy: Did I hear we’re having tea?


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