Sunday Sports: Dig-Fest 2022

(Yes I know, it’s 2023, but this was filmed in 2022.)

Not coincidentally, today is also Lulu’s fourth Gotcha Day! Here she is on her first day here, still wearing her cone from her shelter spay, but not caring very much because she was in her new forever home.

Happy Gotcha Day, Lulu! Looking forward to many more!

16 thoughts on “Sunday Sports: Dig-Fest 2022

  1. Happy Gotcha Day to you! My, there was a whole lot of fun going on there, and not content to share, I see a new hole was called for! I wonder what poor critter escaped their tender mercies 🙂
    Have a wonder full weekend holiday!


  2. we bee on free wi fi two day !!!

    sew stoppin bye with paste N coppee

    with easturr greetinz and NOE BURD

    happee fun day hippee hoppee 🙂 ♥♥

    anda happee gotcha day linda sorta late two ewe lulu ♥


  3. You look gorgeous, Lulu, with or without your cone…
    Happy Gotcha Day! What a great day for a fabulous puppy wupp!
    And the Bean looks like he too is as happy as a piggy wig in mud – but dog style… 😀


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