Goblin Mode

Producer Smurf: “I’m starting to smurf that you all aren’t smurfing Furvivor seriously.”
Lulu: “‘Starting to’?”

Producer Smurf: “Therefore I’ve decided to smurf up the stakes by smurfing us into goblin mode.”
Charlee: “What is ‘goblin mode’?”

Mouse: “Goblin mode is a neologism for the rejection of societal expectations in a hedonistic manner without concern for one’s self-image.
Producer Smurf: “Hey, don’t you go smurfing Wikipedia into my presentation!”

Chaplin: “Oh, so Goblin Mode means being a cat?”
Producer Smurf: “Not exactly …”
Copper Goblin: “Is this the place the blue guy wanted us to raid?”
Green Goblin: “I think so. It’s hard to see with these helmets on.”

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