It’s A Happy Beanie Gotcha Day!

Happy first gotcha day to Java Bean! One year ago, Mama spotted a smallish dog at the shelter who reminded her of Tucker; not long after, we brought over a dog who reminds us of Trixie to see what they thought of each other. The dog who reminds us of Tucker reacted to the dog who reminds us of Trixie pretty much the way the original Tucker reacted to the original Trixie and vice-versa (“I really like this dog and want to play with it”), and so the dog who reminded us of Tucker came home with us and, well, the rest is beanstory.

Java Bean was picked up by a rescue in Baja California, along with a number of the other members of his pack. The rest of them got adopted pretty quickly, but Bean was very frightened and skittish in the shelter and got left behind, until he attracted Mama’s attention with his vizsla-like size, shape, and coloration, although as it turns out he has no vizsla in him whatsoever.

Are you my mummy?

Happy first Gotcha Day, Bean! It already seems like you’ve been here forever!

18 thoughts on “It’s A Happy Beanie Gotcha Day!

  1. Aww it’s heartbreaking to think of little Bean in the shelter, being alone and frightened. I can’t believe it’s only a year though, you clearly fit right in where you’re meant to be. I’m so glad you got talent hunted at just the right time by the best parents around. You have yourself an amazing forever home – Happy Gotcha Day, Java Bean! 💜


  2. Mom and Dad are always saying that time flies. I never knew what that meant until you said Bean’s been there with you and here in blogville for a whole year! Happy gotcha day, Beanie Boy!! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and RIley


  3. Hey there! We truly appreciate animal blogs and the adorable content that creators like you publish. As a proud dog owner myself, I know firsthand the unconditional love that our furry friends can bring into our lives. My own dog Teddy, a spunky Pomeranian, loves to play fetch and is always up for a good belly rub. Your blog is a fantastic resource for stories on how to care for our beloved companions, and we’re excited to learn more from your experiences. Keep sharing, because your stories can make a positive impact on the world of animals and their owners. Woof woof! #animalLove #BloggingCommunity

    Thanks – TheDogGod –


  4. Bean Bean Bean,
    Our bouncin Mexxycan Bean….
    Our lovelee fun Java Bean!!
    Wee love you so much,
    your energy an such!
    Wee so glad you found yore home there!
    Beecause you all love you an care!
    ❤ Happy 1st Gotcha Day deer JAVA BEAN ❤
    ***NOSE BOPSS*** BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum


  5. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Beanie!! We were rescued and adopted , too, so we know how glad you must have been…BEAN…to get out of the shelter…though surely that was better than being out on the streets trying to fend for yourself.

    Hope your special day was furtastic!


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