What’s Oona (Nick)Name?

So at this point Oona has been with us a little over a month, and as is typical with most critters, she has acquired a number of nicknames. This is a pretty good indication that the “foster” kitten isn’t going anywhere, not that anybody ever really thought she was anyway.

O hai! I am not as smol as this anymore.

Real name: Oona


  • Speed Racer (because she is very fast, apparently with the ability to teleport; bequeathed upon her by Mama, who was not actually aware that another Speed Racer exists or who he is)
  • Saucy Monky (bequeathed upon her by Dada, because she is, most definitely, a saucy little thing; and yes, it is spelled “Monky”, on account of this band that Dada likes)
  • Peeper (because of the tiny little meows she makes when you talk to her or when she wants your attention, not because she goes looking through windows at night)
  • Oona Banoona or Banoona
  • Ninja (for obvious reasons)
  • Little Fireball
  • Kitty (natch)

And while we’re at it, it seems we have been remiss in enumerating Java Bean’s nicknames!

Not cool, Dada. I have nicknames too.

Real Name: Java Bean


  • Bean or The Bean (obviously)
  • Beanie or Beanie Banini or Banini
  • Bean Bean Bo Bean (optionally extending to “banana fana fo bean”)
  • Monkey
  • Ratchet (because he likes to be up against a person when he’s sleeping, and if you move over, he’ll move over, thus eventually ratcheting the human all the way to the side of the bed, sofa, or chair)

17 thoughts on “What’s Oona (Nick)Name?

  1. Our mom can’t believe that your mom didn’t know who Speed Racer was! We guess that means our mom is older than yours because ours remembers watching that cartoon on Saturday mornings.

    We love the nicknames for both of you, but we think you should add “Cutie Patootie” to Oona’s list.


  2. Chia: I’m so disappointed that Oolong wasn’t in there. *sigh* I guess you’ll be Saucy Monky to me, little black kitty (Oolong). And maybe I’ll call Bean “Monkey,” just so no one really knows who I’m talking to or about, BOL!!
    Lucy: Hey Beanie, I’m so glad you go by that as well as Java Bean or Bean, cause I have been concerned I’ve been upsetting you by calling you Beanie, Beanie.


  3. Hooray for nicknames, Oonie-Boonie…at least that us what petcretary would have said if you were here. Nicknames indicate love…
    So yes, you’ll be staying we are sure of that, cutie pie…oops that wasn’t a listed nickname!

    Love your list, too, Beanie!


  4. Aww! Oona is so cute and lovely! She needs a necklace in green…
    Well, you know I’m fan of little Java Bean, mi cafecito… Adorable!
    And sweet Lulu? She is so kind and beautiful too…
    Great nicknames!


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