Vampire House

Mr. Nibbles: “I think it’s pretty unlikely that your Mama and Dada would have brought a vampire home, Charlee.”
Charlee: “I’m not so sure! Dada wrote a whole book about vampires, you know! And he has the soundtrack to The Lost Boys!”
Spicoli: “I think every Gen-Xer has the soundtrack to The Lost Boys, dude. It’s, like, required.”
Charlee: “Okay, but Mama always says she rooted for the vampire in Fright Night!”
Spicoli: “Well, I mean, the vampire in Fright Night was played by Chris Sarandon and knew how to dance, so …”

Spicoli: “What?”

10 thoughts on “Vampire House

  1. I don’t like vampires. Seeing Salem’s Lot when I was a kid scared me. I slept with the covers up to my neck until I was in my 30’s.


  2. BellaSita Mum meowed to mee “Salem’ss Lot” was pawsum an dun so well. An Shee ADOORED Mistur Frank Langella inn “Dracula”.
    An “THE Lost Boyss” was one of her fave moviess two….
    Wait….Mistur James YOU wrote a Vampyre book??? Wee impressed!
    An Charlee an Chaplin there are NO Vampyre Kittiess. Wee think…
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum


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