Vampire Surveillance Squad

Spicoli: “Good to see you’ve chilled out on the whole ‘Oona is a vampire’ thing, dude.”
Charlee: “I haven’t chilled out at all. All the vampire shows say something will happen if a vampire is exposed to sunlight, so I’m watching Oona on the sofa. The sun will be on her any second now.”
Spicoli: “I see. And the earplugs?”
Charlee: “Assuming she bursts into flame, it’ll probably set off the smoke alarm, and nobody needs to hear that. Do you want a pair for yourself?”
Spicoli: “I’m good, dude, thanks.”

Momentarily …

And then …

Spicoli: “Well she’s not sparkling and she’s not bursting into flames. Are you satisfied now, dude?”
Charlee: “Rainbows?!?!”

Later …

Charlee: “You know stuff about supernatural creatures, right?”
Mouse: “I already don’t like where this conversation is headed …”

13 thoughts on “Vampire Surveillance Squad

  1. Oona is a Rainbowkid, for sure💗we hope she puts the magic on you, to get rid of the horns that growing out of your ears, Charlee🙈Colourful Pawkisses for all of you🐾😽💞


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