Dispersion Assertion

Charlee: “So I was trying to see if Oona was a vampire …”
Mouse: “Clearly Oona is not a vampire, since she hangs out in daylight all the time.”

Charlee: “Yes, and I watched her very carefully. What does it mean when a cat has rainbows all around her in daylight?”
Mouse: “It probably means light is being dispersed through the window covering.”

Charlee: “Are you sure it doesn’t mean the cat is some kind of supernatural being?”
Mouse: “Well some would say all cats are supernatural beings. But no, that’s not what it means. The same thing has happened to Bean. I could show you pictures.”

Charlee: “Bean and Oona like to play together, which is highly unusual for cats and dogs. They must be the same kind of supernatural being. Maybe some sort of shapechanger.”

13 thoughts on “Dispersion Assertion

  1. Xena: There’s another darn big “D” word that I don’t know. Did I miss that day at school?
    Riley: You never went to school, except for how to dance.
    Lucy: It means the pattern of distribution of individuals within a habitat.
    Xena:*eyes wide and looking at Lucy* It’s always the quiet ones.
    Chia: All I wanna know is if I need to keep wearing this cross.


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