Mouse: “Are you still trying to do ‘research’ on Oona and Bean?”
Charlee: “Yes, a few people suggested that the rainbows might mean they’re unicorns, so I scrounged this unicorn movie out of Dada’s DVD collection.”
Mouse: “Because 80s movies are the best place to get information about unicorns and such.”
Charlee: “Sure, why not? It seems to work for Dada.”

Charlee: “I would think you of all animals would be in favor of scientific research like this, what with you being from NIMH and all.”
Mouse: “Uh-huh. Okay then, I’ll leave you to it.”

Soon …

Charlee: “????!?!!?”

Later …

Mouse: “So what did you find out from your ‘research’?”
Charlee: “There are some things cats were not meant to know.”
Mr. Nibbles: “Like what, friend Charlee?”
Charlee: “Like that in the 1980s people wore scale mail with short-shorts.”
Spicoli: “It was a different time, dude.”

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