Space Cowdogs

Having turned the tables on bounty-hunting Pug Masterson, my friend the Man With No Name is once again in control of his own destiny, as am I. Much as I would love to stay and further study the history and aftermath of the Rice Wars, I have unfinished business in space. To my surprise, the … Continue reading Space Cowdogs

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Having accidentally missed the launch of our own shuttle, it had seemed as if there was no chance we would be able to save the earth from the giant asteroid on a collision course; but, at the last moment and at great expense, we were able to procure a replacement ship, the Orca, piloted by … Continue reading In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Well That Clears Things Up

Chaplin: “So you’re saying I have to watch this entire movie and it will give me the answer to whether it’s ‘Batman’ or ‘The Batman’?”Ed Nygma: “Correct.”Chaplin: “What was the point of my showing you all around the house and revealing our secret lair in the basement?”Ed Nygma: “To make sure you had room to … Continue reading Well That Clears Things Up

Launch Pawty

Charlee: “Thanks for getting here so fast, Lulu! This is where Josie and the Pussycats were supposed to perform when they got shot into space.”Lulu: “Don’t thank me, thank Batman. He drives like a maniac. Come on, Batman, let’s go inside!”Batman: “Just a minute, Dog Wonder! First I want to use my Batphone to take … Continue reading Launch Pawty

Observed Around The Deserted Island

Lulu: “So what do you think, Mr. Batman?”Batman: “I think I’m going to send Sugar Glider up this tree to fetch me down some mangoes. They look perfectly ripe.”Sugar Glider: “You’re really going to keep calling me ‘Sugar Glider’?”Batman: “Could be worse. I could be calling you ‘Martian Manhunter’.”