hello nice reederz this is dennis the vizsla dog dada sed my site had ben seprat from his riting site long enuf so i could rite my own story abowt me and my frends so ok heer goze

my name is dennis i am a reskew vizsla i was fownd wandring in a canyon with my two brudders eli and jack and my sister pumpkin i am reely a puppy probly not mor than 18 munths old but wen fownd i had bad manje and wuz very tired and sick so mama kept calling me old man and dada sed i wuz not old i wuz like dennis the con … const … well he wuz sum sort of pezent from a movie about sumbody named monty python who wuz looking for a holy grale i dont no what a grale is but if it had holz in it i dont no what yoo wood do with it ennyway the name dennis stuk so now thats me

wunse i started to feel better i started to tare up the howse a little bit and dada started riting about it and thats how dennis’s diry of destrukshun got started

wen i kame to live with mama and dada i had three new sisters and a brudder my brudder is tucker the other vizsla (hes canadian and i tink he overstayd his visa sumbudy with thums and who can tawk human shood call imigrashun on him) and my two sisters are trixie the mutt (only she duznt like to be calld a mutt she sez shes “cosmopoltan” whutevr that meens) and trouble the kitty my third sister was pooh bear the persian kitty but she went away not long after i got here mama sez thats why i came along becuz sumbudy sumware new pooh bear wood be leaving soon

well i gess thats it for now oh yeah dada wantd me to menshun that his author site can be fownd at www.jamesviscosi.com i dont no who jamesviscosi is i gess its sumbody dada noes ennyway if yoo get bord with me yoo can go visit him but hoo ar we kidding im so cute no one gets bord with me ok bye

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  1. Awww, fun fun Dennis you hound of destruction! Am so delighted your paws wandered into my hmmble abode and left tracks to your abode for all the FUN! Awwwwww laughter is so good for the soul.


  2. hey you, enjoying your comments on my site was wondering if you would consider signing my guestbook at some point. wednesday’s i usually feature new guestbook signers and i am putting together that post now. if you don’t make it today maybe you’ll sign it by the next weeks posting. have a great week you sexy fedora wearing canine!


    1. that was so funny, when i got back over to my site i saw you had left a comment saying you signed my guestbook- symatico you and me.


  3. Hi Dearest Dennis,
    I came across your site by accident, and I am pretty amazed at Your story – and that there are Vizslas living so far away (I live in Hungary, and Your breed comes from this country)
    I have a small-but-great dog named Pocok – pronounce like Potsok -, who is now 12 but extremely lively and frolic, and also a foundling. He sends his best regards and wishes a long and happy life for You and Your Family 🙂


  4. Welcome in my blogroll list,Dennis 🙂
    Your blog reminds me of my cousin dog:Axi.He has a beautiful foxhound beige.
    I love it cause it’s very smart and funny too 🙂
    I remember many nice moments since i was lived in my country.

    Have a great day!!!


  5. Hey Dennis, I hope you and your family have a great holiday. Thank you for visiting us at 12dogsblog. We’re still trying to settle in but should be up and running in two weeks. Come visit us any time and make sure to bring your family.


    Ann and her crew

    PS This is such a fun site. Thank you for sharing it with us.


    1. OMG my dog is called lexi too! we call her leckie for short
      her nickname is lazy lexi cuz she sleeps in my mums bed at
      night under the cover with her head on the pillow my sister
      calls her leckie loo loo when we’re play fighting. her fave
      food is sausages and beans but we feed her chicken
      bye lexi!


  6. Speaking to you behalf of my six pack of French BullDogs, come to me from Russia. I haven’t tried their paws yet at writing. You have inspired me. They inspire me to feed a healthy diet and use alternative remedies when they get hurt or sick. They heat my passion for my blog where you can find lots of other animal stories. I think we are all kindred spirits. My favorite movie to recommend pet owners in “All Dogs Go To Heaven”. It is just lovely. Thanks for sharing here. I will go now and look all around. Say hight to your babies.

    Lots of snorts from Frenchies to Vizsla’s,
    Dr. Marika Zoll


  7. Dennis, I met your dad when I sent a picture of Tulip with a squirrel to Two Barking Dogs’ mom. Do you want to come here and learn to get squirrels? Her dad helps a little with a noisy stick called a .22 though. We also have bears — do vizslas hunt bears?


  8. Hi. My name is Chrystal. I am a private animal rescuer. I have started blogging the stories from all of these years. The stories need to be written. But I am also hoping to gain enough readers to attract an advertiser which could help with the huge financial obligation that comes with animal rescue. Would you be willing to view my blog and list it on your site?
    I write Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee).
    Thank you for any consideration you might give this request. Or any other advice you might give me.


  9. Sending blessing to all the dogs out there and < oh yes, their doggie parents. REcnetly have watched a friend suffer through loosing her pet dog. She watched a movie I recommended and thanked me. I wonderif you all know tihs little gem. "all Dog Go to Heaven". Itis disney cartoon that is priceless. Done in the 80's. Net flix has it. WAtch it with your children.

    all the best, Dr. Mraika Zoll


  10. Dear Dennis,

    I was wondering if you are interested in trading links. I’m running two pet sites and I would love to have it listed on your blog. My sites are:

    URL: http://pet-articles.blogspot.com
    Title: Pet Articles

    URL: http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com
    Title: Dog Crates

    If you determine that my links is appropriate to your blog, send your details and I can return the favor by adding your site on my blogroll.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Andrei Smith


  11. Loon told me this was a great Space to frequent and
    so here I am visiting, I do hope that you are getting plenty
    of doggy goodies for adding such great offerings 🙂



  12. Hi Dennis,
    I’ve been browsing your hilarious blog and wanted to say congratulations, I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize some of the awesome posts fellow bloggers (like you) are publishing. The award comes with a tradition of sharing a few things about yourself and spreading the love to other bloggers. You can check out what was passed onto me here:




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